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Where do I find good real estate investment advice?

We are often asked by our investor clients about the information that is provided by the myriad of real estate TV programs and magazine articles.
Firstly, it’s timely that property investment is getting the media attention it deserves, however, the information provided must not be taken as gospel. As with any investment, the investor must gather as much information as possible, do their own homework and more importantly, seek the advice … Read more »

Emergency or Urgent Repairs

Urgent repairs are a hot topic as the definition often means one thing to a tenant and another to a property investor.

The definition of urgent or emergency repairs is set out in legislation which mandates what constitutes an emergency repair and who is responsible for arranging and paying for the repair.

Emergency repairs can be broadly defined as a repair that affects a tenant’s standard of living or safety such as … Read more »

Why not manage your investment property yourself?

This is a great question and when it comes to self-management the main motivation in a lot of cases is that a person has the time, wants to manage the details themselves and/or they want to save on agent fees.

However are you really saving anything?

When it comes to self-management these are all the things you must consider:
–   Could you bring yourself to evict a person or a family?
–   Would you … Read more »