Manage my Portfolio

Are you getting the most money out of your investment?

Until you have all your investment properties managed by ONE COMPANY, you cannot get every dollar from your property investment portfolio.

Advantages of Having Your Properties Managed By One Company

  • The opportunity to receive a discounted management fee. This leads to savings that you may not be able to achieve if your investment properties are spread across a number of real estate agencies.
  • The opportunity to have JUST ONE POINT OF CONTACT to handle all your property management needs. Imagine the peace of mind of having your personal property manager who knows ALL YOUR PROPERTIES and ALL YOUR TENANTS.
  • The convenience of combined property financial information and documentation all accessible in one place.

Ready to transfer your investment property from your current agent to True?

Simply call or email Michael Catalano (details below) and we can look after all the transfer arrangements. You don’t need to make any further contact with your current agent.

Ready to get the most out of your investment?

Simply email Michael Catalano at or call him on 02 8507 2414 to discuss how you can get EVERY DOLLAR out of your portfolio and INTO YOUR POCKET!