Antonella Longo

Executive assistant to Managing Director

About Antonella

Career progression from receptionist, to administration responsibilities to property management has given Antonella a complete grounding in all the elements that are crucial to an individual's ability to effectively address the demands of managing investment properties in today's market. 

Antonella is absolutely dedicated to her landlords’ best interests. She uses her ability to build great rapport with people, her local knowledge and experience in the area of property management to ensure she manages her clients’ biggest financial assets in the best possible way. 

Known as a hardworking, approachable and informative individual, Antonella values honesty, integrity and has a broadminded approach. Being particular about good relations and open communication, putting herself in her clients she delivers a high standard of customer service thereby achieving and often exceeding expectations. 

Antonella loves spending time with people, whether at work or socialising with friends in her leisure time, and when she's not catching up over a meal she loves hitting the beach and exploring the world.

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