Information for Current Clients

As a True client, you have access to an extensive range of resources and benefits not generally available from most other real estate agencies in our market area such as:

  • 24/7 internet access to financial information about your property through the True Landlord Client Portal. A guide to accessing this portal can be found below.
  • A directory of reliable tradespeople/service providers that we use regularly, who provide our clients with great service at discounted prices. This directory is shown below.

The True Landlord Client Internet Portal


True clients can access this portal by clicking on the “Current Client Login” tab in the Property Management drop down menu on our website.

Once the portal screen opens, you will need to enter the User Name and Password that you were provided by your Senior Property Manager when we commenced managing your property.

Can’t remember your password?

If you have misplaced this information, simply click on the “Find my Username or Password” (see the screen shot below).

Trades Directory

At True, we have built an impressive list of qualified, reliable tradespeople who provide services to our clients quickly and at the best prices obtainable.

If, as a client of True Property, you need the service of a tradesperson for your own property, please feel free to contact one of our Property Managers on 02 8507 2444 or alternatively use the list below:

1.  AquaStream Plumbing (Jake) 0415 232 479
2.  Cesco (Angelo) 0434 410 612

1.  Angel Electrics (Rob) 0411 353 245
2.  JFE Electrical (Rob) 0402 403 864

1.  Howard Slee Pty Ltd (Howard) 0418 266 756
2.  Marvel Painting Services (Leon) 0414 307 589

Handyman Services
1.  Affordable Handyman and Building Services (George)  0415 728 119
2.  Ben and Joe (Ben) 0414 876 122

1.  Daniela 0430 233 791
2.  Aldo 0409 318 190

1.  Greenway Maintenance (Justin) 0411 797 429

1. (Oscar)0438778337
2.  L & C Locksmiths 02 9660 1811

Referral Appreciation

Imagine being able to save your family or friends the stress of managing their own properties or the frustration of poor property management services.

We would like to offer your family or friends an opportunity to experience “True” property management service for themselves free of any cost or obligation for 3 months.

To take advantage of this great offer simply email Michael Catalano at or call him on 02 8507 2414.